What are mesotherapy treatments for face and hair ? 

Mesotherapy treatment for face:

Mesotherapy for Shine & Pigmentation
Mesotherapy is an ideal technique to heal, stimulate, and replete damaged skin by naturally infusing vitamins & specific active ingredients(like Mesolike Shine cocktail, Glutathione,  Mesolike Hyaluronic acid, Ascorbic acid, and more). When it comes to face especially pigmentation and brightening, the sure-shot solution is to combine derma pen(or derma-roller) with mesotherapy. This ultimately makes your skin rejuvenating. In this treatment, these specific activities deeply penetrate the skin with essential nutrients to deliver true brightness.  The unique trait of this treatment is it is natural and involves minimal risk.

Mesotherapy for hair loss:

Mesotherapy is a better alternative to cure baldness in both males and females. This treatment helps not only in reducing hair loss but also aids in promoting hair growth as well as slowing male pattern baldness. It is 100% natural methodology. In this treatment, mesotherapy injections are being infused into hair loss patients’ scalp to regulate vitamins, proteins, and nutrient levels.

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