Is Mesotherapy Safe and effective?

Mesolike!, Facial mesotherapy is a great technique to get luminous, more plump, and youthful skin. To address this, it uses vitamins and hyaluronic acid microinjections. When it comes to effectiveness and safety, This minimally invasive treatment is well tolerated and includes just a few side effects. You can undergo with it at any point of time at the clinic(by specialist). It only requires your 20 minutes! to deliver the desired results. 
As a precaution to minimize its discomfort, we apply anesthetic cream prior to treatment. On the whole, it does not leave any scars, but in some cases, especially in people having very sensitive skin, it can result in swelling. During the procedure, we also apply cold compress on the injection areas to avoid bruising. The unique trait about this treatment is you can resume with normal activities immediately just after the treatment with great ease.

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