How to remove Dark Circle, EYE Bag and Fine wrinkles

The skin around the eye area is one of the most delicate in the body. Keep in mind that it is about 8 up-to 11 times thinner than the skin of the rest of the face.

Therefore, it is one of the areas where aging is most noticeable. Plus, it is prone to accumulate various unsightly manifestations such as wrinkles, dark circles and bags.

Smart ingredients

A smart combination of Mesolike Lab for anti-ageing and nourishing active ingredients that fights against first signs of time and regains suppleness, firmness and energy to eye area. A complete recovery therapy to enhance the natural beauty of your eye triangle zone: expression lines fade and the look appears rejuvenated, full of vitality, bright and rested.

Dark circles appear through the anatomical arrangement of the venous sinus of the area surrounding the eye, showing blood accumulation and obscuring the area. In its appearance affects the lack of iron, the loss of periorbital fat volume and lack of sleep. 

Eye bags are consequence of a loss of tone in the muscle and skin of the lower eyelid, resulting in a sagging and thinning of the skin.

Fine wrinkles are due to internal factors such as age and skin type, and external factors such as exposure to the sun or cold.

Mesolike EYE TOP & StarBooster Cocktails

Formulated with a combination of active ingredients that helps improve the appearance of dark circles and swelling under the eyes, providing relief, comfort and luminosity. Specially: EYE TOP