How to recover the skin after microneedling as soon as possible 

After microneedling, skin is often irritated, dry, rough and red. The application of Mesolike Repairing Cream after the treatment makes these reactions disappear in less than an hour.

Thanks to the incorporation of active ingredients such as olive oil in its formulation, Mesolike Repairing Booster repairs and restores the skin’s barrier function. Plus, olive oil also helps to retain the moisture of the skin, acting in total synergy with another component of the formula, hyaluronic acidPanthenol help to reduce inflammation and irritation caused by this aesthetic procedure. The curative and regenerative action of Mesolike R Booster cream is completed with the activity of Centella asiática, one of the active ingredients with the greatest healing, regenerative and re-epithelial power that is known, and the one of the two plant extracts Phragmites kharka and Poria cocos, which calm and protect the skin. Finally, the minerals copperzinc and magnesium, not only enhance the actions of the other ingredients, but also activate cellular oxygenation for a complete recovery of the skin after treatment.

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